Playlist from 4/10/13 Area-50FUN! radio show on KJACK.

Wednesdays from 5-6PM on / 1680 AM in Flagstaff, AZ / Ch. 61 on NAU Campus Cable


Lenguas Largas: “Are You Scared” from Lonely Summertime 7”

Broken Water: “Peripheral Star” from Peripheral Star

Low Culture: “I Didn’t Know” from Low Culture 7”

Custody Battle: “Friendship Weekend” from Custody Battle 10”


Naomi Punk: “Linoleum Tryst” From Eon of Pain c/w Linoleum Trust

Cascadia: “Yours” from Level Trust EP

Weed: “Ben’s Tour” from Gun Control EP


Werewolves: “Sleep Paralysis” from Beast With Modest Nature

Human Behavior: “Sonora” from Sonora EP

Math The Band: “Stay Real (Sock It To Me Satan)” from Get Real

Feral Moan: “Why I Don’t Vote”


Little Big League: “My Very Own You” from There Are Good People

Julian Lynch: “Gloves” from Lines

King Lollipop: “Lord Licorice’s Lament” from Woodland Whoopee Songs of Ol’ Callowhee

Slime Boyz: “Bbyrons Accent” from Split

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