31 Jul 12 at 2 pm

Kevin Greenspon: “Maroon¬†Bells”¬†

It’s the first video on a new 10 song DVD that he’s brining on his 3 month long tour that starts this week.

Kevin is coming to Flagstaff tomorrow at The Decimal Point! It’s going to be siq!


If you’re not in Flag be sure to check if he’s coming to your zone! Here’s the EFF BEE EVENT PAGE for his tour!

Radio show from April 2nd! Click on the band names for links to their music/facebook/social media pages!

Tune in next MONDAY at KJACK.ORG at 8PM for more underground/d.i.y. jammers!

Literature: “I Am Right Here” from Cincinnatti 7”

Black Sparrow Press: “Blue Poles” from Half-Ass Romance

Diners: “Good Friends” from Throw Me A 10 EP

XMAS: “Futures” from When You Were Young

Critter: “Picture Show” from Us Noise EP

Angelo Spencer: “Hayfever” from Wizards of the Ghost Surf Songs Comp.

Surf City: “Dickshakers Union” from Surf City EP

Naked Pictures: “Psychic Flowers” from Don’t Loose Your Dinosaur

Tom Grrrl: “Cum As A Star Pt. 2: from Tristan Jemsek: Pure Gold

Reighnbeau: “Flutter” from Bridgetown Records Winter 2012 Mixtape

Stephanie: “Blinding Light” from Stephanie Demo

Catnaps: “Valentimes Day” from Boys Drool

Great Job: “Nu Song” from F-

Sandy City: “Westport” from Surfin’ WA

Heavy Flow: “Think About The Birds” from & Other Pagan Rituals

The Yellow Dress: “This Could Be Anything” from Humblebees

Deadbeat Beat: “Body Shakes” from Deadbeat Beat Demos