13 Nov 12 at 12 am

I haven’t put up too many releases, but there’s some real gems to come out of Flagstaff the past couple of years. 

-Custody Battle: s/t 10”. the best punk band in Arizona right now. for sure.

-Emowars: White Knuckle Shakedown. This band wasn’t around long enough and they meant a lot to me. Their only full length. Supreme lo-fi pop/punk jammers.

-Dragons: Feel This EP. First Dragons EP. the best pop band in Arizona right now. For sure. Not as polished as they sound now, but just as infectious.

There's an Area-50FUN! bandcamp if you didn't know! I forget about it sometimes too.

KEWL SHOW. Tune in next Monday 8PM ARIZONA TIME for some more of the same sweet vibrations.



Chandails: “Spaniard” from Spaniard (Single)

Hello The Mind Control: “Mermaid” from Summa’ Time EP

Julian Lynch: “Terra” from Terra

Watercolor Paintings: “Open Your Mouth” from Open Your Mouth

Moses Campbell: “Ceiling” / “Cold” from Deathbomb Arc Singles

Briana Marela: “Water Ocean Lake” from Water Ocean Lake

Glass Cake: “Goodbye Dove” from Winnie Byrd / Glass Cake split tape

Dream Sick: “Shine On Shine” from Dream Sick

Emowars: “Fucked Up” from Emowars

The Max Levine Ensemble: “Lucky Ones” from Them Steadily Depressing, Low Down Mind Messing, Poster Modern Recession Blues

Bitpart: “Vegetable Me” from Bitpart (Tape 2011)

Monsters From Mars: “Punchbowl On A Plane” from Creep Creeps 7”

Formica Man: “Brutal Women” from Formica Man

Algernon Cadwallader: “Pitfall” from Parrot Flies

Foot Ox: “I Am” from Foot Ox

I Hate You When You’re Pregnant: “They’ve Got My Picture In An Issue Of Thrasher” from Greatest Hits

Dogjaw: “Pain” from Slow To Build

Kewl. Here’s what I played on the radio show tonight. Tune in next Monday from 8-9PM for the last show of the semester!

Emowars (FLG): “In My Dreams” from Emowars

Abe Froman: “Citizen’s Arrest” from Abe Froman

Monophonic Hillside (PHX): “Sleeping Is The Plan” from Vol. 1

Filardo (TEMPE): “Iron Head” from Enter the Edit Suite

Dragons (FLG): “Young And In Love” from Feel This EP

The Balloons: “Loops” from Pop Music

Fungi Girls: “Velvet Days” from Some Easy Magic

Koalacaust: “The Dadpunchers” from Koalacaust/Big Kids Split

Our Lady: “Jordan’s Song” from Scales

Press Forward (FLG): “The Smallest Spark” from Hope-core EP

The Shrapnelles: “My Mom Is Hot” from Asscalibur 7”

Agatha: “Quakes” from Nothing IS Static

Good Amount (TEMPE): ”Orange Pack” and “Chatting” from In A Quiet Way

The Beets: “The Devil” from Spit On the Face Of People Who Don’t Want To Be Cool

Herr Jazz: “Don’t Drown” from Herr Jazz

Glass Popcorn (TEMPE): “Ed Hardy”

Here’s the playlist from Monday’s episode of Area-50FUN! on KJACK! Tune in every Monday from 8-9PM (kjack.org, 1680 AM in Flag, and Channel 55 on campus)! Next week special guests Hume from Washington, D.C. will be in the studio to chit-chat about their tour and music before the show at The Cottage House later in the night!

Hotel Mexico: “Dear Les Friends”

Woods: “The Hold” from Songs Of Shame

M. Women: “Tense Hands Talk” from Faithful

Footwork: “Fleeced” from Footwork

Baby Gecko (FLG): “Pizza”

Colby DeHart: “Robert Downy Jr.”

caUSE CoMOTION!: “Who’s Gonna Care” from It’s Time!

Chad VanGaalen: “Peace On The Rise” from Diaper Island

Twerps: “Good Advice” from Twerps

The Younger Lovers: “Danny” from Newest Romantic

Night Of Joy: “Put Your Sunglasses On” from Hardcore Girls Are A Hoax

Tropical Punk: “Why Don’t We Take A Ride?” from Sweetheart

Andrew & His Feisty Felines (PHX): “Dolemite” from Surfin’ Taumpy

Emowars (FLG): “Winter Night” from White Knuckle Shakedown

Andrew Cedermark: “Untruth” from Moon Deluxe

Stephen Steinbrink (TEMPE): “Wet Cloud” from You Are Dead

Bad Weather California: “New Religion” from Young Punks

Sundance Kids: “The Surfer” from the Wizards of the Ghost Surf Songs Comp.

Younger Siblings: “Three Day Weekend” from the Pass The Ball To Tucker Split

Here’s the playlist for the 2nd episode of AREA-50FUN! on KJACK! Click on the links for some of the bands. It might lead to FREE MUSIC.

I Hate You When You’re Pregnant (FLG)- “Don’t Get In My Way Cause I’m Going To College” from Greatest Hits

Good Amount (PHX)- “Mean Friend” from Quiet Impulse (Calic Remixes)

Bitpart- “Vegetable Me” from Bitpart 2011 Tape

The Underground Railroad To Candyland- “Bun Boy/Everybody Wants One” from Bird Roughs

Neighbors- “Black Angel” from Neighbors 2011 Tour EP

You Me & Us- “Off Pudding” from Paperweights

Asleep In The Sea (PHX)- “Cancer and Bones” from Avenue

Camper Van Beethoven- “Take The Skinheads Bowling” from Telephone Free Landslide Victory

Emowars (FLG)- “Connected” from White Knuckle Shake Down

The Balloons- “Your Life As A Film” from Pop Music

Falsetto Boy- “Water Into Elvis” from Worthless Jerk

Hello The Mind Control (PHX)- “Mermaid” from Summa’ Time EP

Remembran- “Who Dwe Ewe Love” from REMEMBRAN

Bleached- “Think Of You” from Carter 7”

Shannon & The Clams- “The Cult Song” from Sleep Talk

Iceage- “Remember” from New Brigade

Just Another Snake Cult- “Lost In The Dark” from Be Afraid: Holy Page 2011 Halloween Compilation

03 Oct 11 at 3 pm

This will be coming soon! Well, it’s already here phyzically, but it will be on the A50F! Bandcamp in a couple of days!

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This will be coming soon! Well, it’s already here phyzically, but it will be on the A50F! Bandcamp in a couple of days!
26 Aug 11 at 5 pm

Dragons is probably the best new Flagstaff band. This is a crummy video I shot of them during their set at Cottage on Wednesday night.