Playlist from 11/3/13  Area-50FUN! radio show on KJACK.

Sundays from 5-7PM on / 1680 AM in Flagstaff, AZ / Ch. 61 on NAU Campus Cable



Sourpatch: “Things You Say” from Stagger and Fade

Julian Lynch: “On Eastern Time” from Mare

Margy Pepper: “Candy/Iceberg” from Golden Webs

Joyride!: “City Slicker” from Joyride!


Parasol: “City Limits” from Not There

Swearin’: “Dust In The Gold Sack” from Surfing Strange

Tuggboat: “NuMess” from NuMeddle

Love In Mind: “Wait Watcher” from We Love It!

Porches: “Fog Day” from Slow Dance In The Cosmos


Stephen Steinbrink: “Now You See Everything” and “Try To Believe” from Arranged Waves

Sick Sad World: “Skateboarding Girl” from Skateboarding Girl Single

Alex Bleeker & The Freaks: “Don’t Look Down” and “ Rhythm Shakers” from How Far Away

Travis Bretzer: “Low Volt” from Low Volt Single

Playlist from 3/6/13 Area-50FUN! radio show on KJACK.

Wednesdays from 5-6PM on / 1680 AM in Flagstaff, AZ / Ch. 61 on Campus Cable


Richard Album: “Lummox” from You Can Call Me Album

Peach Kelli Pop: “Julie Oulie” from Peach Kelli Pop II

Boy Party: “Grange” from Who Cares?

Orange Iguanas: “Fools For Love” from Catch The Beat

Joyride: “Below” from Joyride!


Weed: “Tie To Everything You Own” from Gun Control EP

Cascadia: “Josie” from Level Trust EP

Julian Lynch: “Carios Kellyi I” from Lines

You Me & Us: “Off Pudding” from Paperweights


Fishboy: “Alyson Revere” from Classic Creeps Live & Acoustic

The Yellow Dress: “The Sun Is Out (Boom Cat)” from Live From Las Vegas

Keelay: “Sports”

Tweens: “Rattle & Rollin”

Whirr: “Toss” from Pipe Dreams


Enjoy: “Relaxation” from Fun New World

Sourpatch: “Into You” from Mira Mija

Parquet Courts: “Borrowed Time” from Light Up Gold

Porcelain God: “Learn Silence” From Porcelain God Demos

Permanent Collection: “It’s Alright” from Newly Wed Nearly Dead

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Chandails: “Spaniard” from Spaniard (Single)

Hello The Mind Control: “Mermaid” from Summa’ Time EP

Julian Lynch: “Terra” from Terra

Watercolor Paintings: “Open Your Mouth” from Open Your Mouth

Moses Campbell: “Ceiling” / “Cold” from Deathbomb Arc Singles

Briana Marela: “Water Ocean Lake” from Water Ocean Lake

Glass Cake: “Goodbye Dove” from Winnie Byrd / Glass Cake split tape

Dream Sick: “Shine On Shine” from Dream Sick

Emowars: “Fucked Up” from Emowars

The Max Levine Ensemble: “Lucky Ones” from Them Steadily Depressing, Low Down Mind Messing, Poster Modern Recession Blues

Bitpart: “Vegetable Me” from Bitpart (Tape 2011)

Monsters From Mars: “Punchbowl On A Plane” from Creep Creeps 7”

Formica Man: “Brutal Women” from Formica Man

Algernon Cadwallader: “Pitfall” from Parrot Flies

Foot Ox: “I Am” from Foot Ox

I Hate You When You’re Pregnant: “They’ve Got My Picture In An Issue Of Thrasher” from Greatest Hits

Dogjaw: “Pain” from Slow To Build

Yep, another episode. I played a bunch of music. Listen every monday on KJACK.ORG or 1680 AM IN FLAGSTAFF from 8-9PM

Trauma Harness: “Eternal Return Company” from Trauma Demolitional

Weird Ladies (PHX): Terror Show from Each and Every One Of Your Limbs

The Eeries: “Listen Baby” form Comes Alive

Fluffy Lumbers: “Cruisers Pt. 2 (Police Cruisers) from The Police Cruisers EP

Good Luck: “Come Home” from Into Lake Griffy

Sputniq: “Suntea” from Panda EP

Firebrand: “Saltwater” from Demo Cassette

Friendo: “Counter/Time” from Cold Toads

Karen: “Say Cheese and Die” from Karen EP

Hail Seizures: “Daddy” from For The Ruin

Arcsin(100) (TUCSON): “Five, Four, Three…” from Distant Lens

Defiance, Ohio: “Her Majesty’s Midwestern Islands” from Midwestern Minutes

Hug Of War (PHX): “I’m Great” from Split w/ Andrew & His Feisty Felines

Harry & The Potters: “The Weasle” from Voldermort Can’t Stop The Rock!

The Strange Boys: “Woe Is You And Me” from And Girls Club

Just Another Snake Cult: “You Can Ride My Surfboard” from The Dionysian Session

Just Another Snake Cult: “City Lights” from Ghosts

Julian Lynch: “Droplet On A Hot Stone” from Droplet On A Hot Stone 7”

Huge Cookies: "TH’ BALL" from Huge Cookies EP