Kewl! Last radio show till mid-January! Keep the vibes rolling! See you on KJACK next year (2012)! THE BEGINNING OF THE END!

Earthmen and Strangers (TEMPE): “Bartender” from Earthmen and Strangers

H.O.A. (TEMPE): “We Only Live Once” from Fighting The Lost War Of The Anonymous

Matt Kimball (MESA): “I’ll Be Down” from Herbig-Haro

Little Wings: “Random Lee” from Magic Wand

Good Amount (TEMPE): “I’ll Go Back There Some Day (Muppet Movie Cover)” from the upcoming AZ Jim Henson Comp.

Kids.: “Where Have All The Dancer’s Gone” from Sledding With Tigers/Kids. Split

Younger Siblings: “This One TIme, A Kid Asked Me To Pose Naked In His Movie” from Bald Eagles Aren’t Really Bald 7”

Fair Ohs: “Jeanneret” from Women/Cold Pumas/Fair Ohs/Friendo Split 7”

Hi Ho Silver, Away!: “You Know About Stag Beetles (Quick Attack)” Hi Ho Silver, Away / Quick Attack Split

Quick Attack: “Regina (Hi Ho Silver, Away!)” from Hi Ho Silver, Away! / Quick Attack Split

The Kris Special: “Little Red Song” from Alone Feels Like A Hotel Room

Porches (PHX): “Goin’ Federal” from Things Don’t Make Sense

Dogbreth (PHX): “Black Coffee” from Dugas Orme

Logan Greene & The Bricks (TUCSON): “Why Am I Lonely?” from Soylent Greene

Joey Kendall: “Christmas On Acid” from Was Here

Woods: “Christmas Time Is Here (Vince Guaraldi Cover)”

Just Another Snake Cult: “Christmas Myth” from Experiments in Bedroom Pop

Melissa Kania feat. The Kimball Superstars (MESA): “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree” and “Let It Snow” from A Candy Kania Christmas

The Balloons are a power pop band from Seattle. They’re a two piece that has nocked down the use of a melody to a tee. Every song on their "Pop" Music EP is full of amazing hooks that will have you dancing and feeling warm and fuzzy inside. 

The two tracks that stand out the most are “I Can’t Wait” and “Your Life Is A Film.” Both have a classic pop melody and great vocals from Matt Kimball.

This is an immediate download and listen. Don’t punish yerself.

Get it on their Bandcamp: HERE