Radio show from April 2nd! Click on the band names for links to their music/facebook/social media pages!

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Literature: “I Am Right Here” from Cincinnatti 7”

Black Sparrow Press: “Blue Poles” from Half-Ass Romance

Diners: “Good Friends” from Throw Me A 10 EP

XMAS: “Futures” from When You Were Young

Critter: “Picture Show” from Us Noise EP

Angelo Spencer: “Hayfever” from Wizards of the Ghost Surf Songs Comp.

Surf City: “Dickshakers Union” from Surf City EP

Naked Pictures: “Psychic Flowers” from Don’t Loose Your Dinosaur

Tom Grrrl: “Cum As A Star Pt. 2: from Tristan Jemsek: Pure Gold

Reighnbeau: “Flutter” from Bridgetown Records Winter 2012 Mixtape

Stephanie: “Blinding Light” from Stephanie Demo

Catnaps: “Valentimes Day” from Boys Drool

Great Job: “Nu Song” from F-

Sandy City: “Westport” from Surfin’ WA

Heavy Flow: “Think About The Birds” from & Other Pagan Rituals

The Yellow Dress: “This Could Be Anything” from Humblebees

Deadbeat Beat: “Body Shakes” from Deadbeat Beat Demos