Playlist from 10/13/13  Area-50FUN! radio show on KJACK.

Sundays from 5-7PM on / 1680 AM in Flagstaff, AZ / Ch. 61 on NAU Campus Cable


Blanch Beach: “Take My Hand” and “Science Museum” from Blanch Beach

Tony Molina: “Nowhere To Go” and “Change My Ways” from Dissed and Dismissed

FF: “It’s Alright” from FF

Quaaludes: “Call You Up” from She’s Weird Like Us

Girlfriends: “Brobocop” and “New Computers” from Girlfriends

Makeout Videotape: “Heat Wave” from Heatwave

Mac Demarco: “Only You” From 2


The Woolen Men: “West Coast” from Dog Years

Dogbreth: “New Friend” from Sentimental Health

Watercolor Paintings: “Patterns” from When You Move

Lake: “Composure” from The World Is Real

Adult Mom: “I’d Rather Hurl” from SCIENCE!!!

Quarterbacks: “Dissection” from SCIENCE!!!

Whatever, Dad: “ESRT (2001)” from SCIENCE!!!

Evan Only: “No Matter What” from EP

Fatty Cakes: “Pizza Girlfriend” and “Mermaid Crush” from 1998 Lisa Frank Diary


Weed: “Set Me Back” and “Silent Partner” from Deserve

Pity Sex: “Hole Away” from Dark World

Spook Houses: “Black Dog” from 7” split w/ Fat History Month

Fat History Month: “Skin Divers In Action” from 7” split w/ Spook Houses

Surf Harp: “Duchamp” from Galapagos


Stephen Steinbrink: “The Way It Is” from Smashed 40: Slummer Jams

Pregnant: “Never Wanna Give You Up” from Smashed 40: Slummer Jams

Whitman: “Vacant”  and “Wishes And Warpaint” from Dog Rose Gall

John Thill: “The Good Men” from The Greatest of John Thill Volume II

Foot Ox: “A Bird Cage” from Music Without Words

Women: “Lawncare” from Women

Playlist from 9/29/13  Area-50FUN! radio show on KJACK.

Sundays from 5-7PM on / / 1680 AM in Flagstaff, AZ / Ch. 61 on NAU Campus Cable


Family Video: “Good Knife” and “Starts At Sea” from Fun + Sad

Salt Flat: “Light” from Split w/ Pretty Old

Baby Island: “Backwards and Forwards” from Baby Island

Breathing Patterns: “Sunscreen” from Split w/ Gills

Freak Heat Waves: “Instructing” from Freak Heat Waves


Thrishi: “That 90’s Show” from Krooked Sound

Watercolor Paintings: “Red Scarf” from These Arms

Rollersnakes: “RLLRSNKS” from Hail Skatin’

Nu Sensae: “Spit Gifting” from Sundowning

Trauma Harness: “Assimilation” from Split w/ Dusty Fingers

Kowabunga! Kid: “Holy Coast” from Kowabunga! Kid

Kowabunga! Kid: “Cut” from It Ends

Televisions: “No One Will Dance Pt. 1” from No One Will Dance


Crying: “Bodega Run” and “Vacation” from Get Olde

Neighbors: “Muscle Grrl On Muscle Beach” from Power Country

Baby Mollusk: “Always Mad” and “Ten Fifty”

Chris Cohen: “Caller No. 99” from Overgrown Path

Alex Calder: “Lethargic” from Time


Filardo: “Opening Windows In May” from Falling Up

Ashley Eriksson: “Good Storm” and “Colours” from Colours

iji: “Friends Forever” and “Western Light” from Soft Approach

Electrician: “All Is Lost In The Light” from All Is Lost In The Light

Chandails: “Palm Read” from EP

Sweat Lodge: “Dirty” from Demo

Dude York: “The Lake” from The Lake

KEWL SHOW. Tune in next Monday 8PM ARIZONA TIME for some more of the same sweet vibrations.



Chandails: “Spaniard” from Spaniard (Single)

Hello The Mind Control: “Mermaid” from Summa’ Time EP

Julian Lynch: “Terra” from Terra

Watercolor Paintings: “Open Your Mouth” from Open Your Mouth

Moses Campbell: “Ceiling” / “Cold” from Deathbomb Arc Singles

Briana Marela: “Water Ocean Lake” from Water Ocean Lake

Glass Cake: “Goodbye Dove” from Winnie Byrd / Glass Cake split tape

Dream Sick: “Shine On Shine” from Dream Sick

Emowars: “Fucked Up” from Emowars

The Max Levine Ensemble: “Lucky Ones” from Them Steadily Depressing, Low Down Mind Messing, Poster Modern Recession Blues

Bitpart: “Vegetable Me” from Bitpart (Tape 2011)

Monsters From Mars: “Punchbowl On A Plane” from Creep Creeps 7”

Formica Man: “Brutal Women” from Formica Man

Algernon Cadwallader: “Pitfall” from Parrot Flies

Foot Ox: “I Am” from Foot Ox

I Hate You When You’re Pregnant: “They’ve Got My Picture In An Issue Of Thrasher” from Greatest Hits

Dogjaw: “Pain” from Slow To Build

HEY YOU GUYYYYYSSSSS! There was another radio show tonight. It was really fun. Here’s what was played! Hopefully it was podcasted because I know last weeks wasn’t. Maybe last weeks is somewhere in the digital wasteland wanting to be found. Anyways, I’ll let you know when the podcast goes up if it does!

Arcsin(100) (TUCSON)- “Hunting”

Boy Party- “On Yr Lips” from On Yr Lips

Pill Wonder- “Wishing Whale” from Jungle/Surf

My Little Red Toe- “Hornate Orange” from S/T

French Quarter (Tempe)- “I Really Want To Be Your Friend” from Live at The Sandlot

Watercolor Paintings- “Snail” from Open Your Mouth

Jordan Knecht- “Perseverance” from Slow Walker

Total Noise (Tempe)- “Jealous Lover” from US American Rhythms

Lake- “Within/Without” from Giving and Receiving 

Haircut 100- “Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)” from Pelican West

Math The Band- “Bigfoot” from Don’t Worry

Japanther- One Hundred Dollars from Skuffed Up My Huffy

Waytansea Point (PHX)- Kay Kay & Say Say from Al Nino

Greco (FLAG)- “Wild Man” from Denim Don’t Dry

Atomic Suicide (FLAG)- “Track 3 (?)” from The First Four Years

Mika Miko- “Capricorinations” from C.Y.S.L.A.B.F.

Real Estate- “It’s Real” from Days

James Rabbit- “Snowblind” from Snowblind